Topic 9: Project Completion
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The final project for this couse a WebQuestis the WebQuest you've created for use with you students. If you have access to server space you will want to post your WebQuest on a server and send the URL to the rest of the class. To do this you will need to have created your WebQuest as an html document. This can be done in any web page creation software (e.g. PageMill, Claris HomePage, GoLive, DreamWeaver, Netscape Composer, FrontPage) or in your word processing software (e.g. MS Word, ClarisWorks, AppleWorks). You will need to save the WebQuest as an html document by choosing either Save as html" or Save as Web Page under the File menu. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer free server space to their customers as part of their package. Some school districts offer digital lockers or server space to their teachers. Check with your ISP or district/school technology coordinator to find out about these options and to get help with this.
Geocities offers free server space, and has a web based web page creator that is easy to use.

You might also consider using Filamentality

Other websites offering free space are:
 25 mb storage space is available on this site.
25 mb storage space is available on this site.
Over 230 free sites are listed here. Some may not be appropriate for your needs.

For more information on free Web space for your
WebQuest see:our EYYL Resources Page.

Campus Grid offers Web space for schools and teachers at small monthly cost. You can find more information on
Campus Grid at:

To upload your files you will need an ftp (file transfer protocol) program. If you are a Mac user you will want to downolad Fetch from : If you are a PC user you may want to choose WS_FTP from:

You can find more information on FTP programs on the
EWYL (Earn While You Learn) Resources Web site under the Tools and Software link in the menu.

If you you are not ready to upload your WebQuest to a server. please email your WebQuest to your instructor as an attached document (MS Word, or as an html document created int any web page editor such as GoLive, DreamWeaver, Netscape Composer, etc). You may need to use a zip format to send the entire folder.

If you are a Mac user you can download Mac Zip (which Zip file and folders for both the Mac and PC at: Stuffit for the Mac also allows both stuffed (Mac) and zipped files (PC):

If you are a PC user you can download a Zip application from

You can also copy and past your WebQuest into your email message space and send it to your instructor. A final desperation option could be to mail a hard copy of your WebQuest to your instructor. Send an email message asking for instructions if you find this necessary.