Topic 6: Introduction and Process Sections
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Next write your Introduction. This is the paragraph that will literal "grab" your students attention and make them excited to begin the WebQuest. Use language that your students will understand. Create a clear exciting scenario base on your task that will engage your students from the start.
Process Section
Think about the steps your learners will go through? Your process section will allow your learners to access the on-line resources that you've identifed. Think of this as the activities or "events of instruction." This is where you will provide guidance on how your students should organize the information they gather. This is where you will provide the scaffolding for your WebQuest. Explore the process section of Building Blocks of a WebQuest Be extremely clear and organized about the specific steps you want your students to follow. Include any "how to" instrucdtions in this instructions. Describe what your students will do first, second, third, etc. What web sites will they visit and what will they do there. What will they do with the information they collect there. Ask a friend or member of this class to evaluate your process section usingthis Process Checklist.

Edit this section

Reread the parts of the WebQuest you've begun to plan.
Compare this to the similar WebQuest you reviewed last week.
Consider how your WebQuest will meet the learning needs and styles of all your students.
Take a look at these sites as you reflect on this:
1. The Inclusion Web site
2. The Learning Disabilities Web site
3. Instructional Strategies
4. Multiple Intelligences
What adaptations are you making for your special needs students to assure they will be successful? Ask someone who is not familiar with your WebQuest or your curriculum to read your WebQuest. What is not clear to them? How can you make what you've written clear to anyone?