Topic 4: Finding and Evaluating Resources
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 Topic 4






Make a list of the Web Resources you will use in you WebQuest. Use your "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" to story the links to the sites you've found. 

To create a WebQuest Bookmark Folder in Netscape:
           Select "Bookmarks" in the top menu bar. 
           Then, choose "Edit Bookmarks from that menu. 
           Then, go to "File" in the top menu bar and select "New Folder." 
           Name this folder "WebQuests." 

Evaluating WebQuests

Choose one of the WebQuests you've explored and evaluate it. This will help you create a better WebQuest.

Bernie Dodge has created a rubric for evaluating WebQuests. For each topic, there are three levels of evaluation. Dr. Dodge considers the following criteria in his rubric: 
                            Overall aesthetics 
                            Overall visual appeal 
                            Motivational effectiveness of the introduction 
                            Cognitive effectiveness of the introduction 
                            Cognitive level of the task 
                            Technical sophistication of task 
                            Clarity of process 
                            Richness of process 
                            Quantity of resources 
                            Quality of resources 
                            Clarity of evaluation criteria 
Evaluate your chosen WebQuest using this rubric.

You will want to keep this rubric in mind as you develop your WebQuest. You will want to evaluate your WebQuest several times as you develop it. You might begin your self-evaluation process with the WebQuest Process Checklist on Bernie Dodge's site. This will help guide the creation of your WebQuest. Bookmark this site so you can use it as you develop your WebQuest. You'll also want to bookmark Fine Points--Little Things That Make a Big Difference so you can refer to it as you edit and refine your WebQuest.

Analyze your curriculum to determine areas that might be appropriately taught using a WebQuest. Things to consider are: