•  Pre-Assessment
1. KWL Chart: We will find out what the students know (K) and what they want to know (W).  When the project is complete we will fill out what the students have learned (L).

•  Formative Assessment
1. Informal Observations: The teacher will monitor, guide, and record the progress of each student.  They will use a checklist to help assess the students' understanding and to make sure they keep on task.

•  Summative Assessment
1. Portfolio: The teacher will keep a portfolio of the students' work for an authentic assessment. 

2. Students will create a Kidpix slide show on what they learned. (Powerpoint Example)

3. Students will complete task card 6 and match the animals up with their habitats.

4. Students will also apply what they have learned by creating a collaborative presentation about how to help our environment.

Project Rubrics

Collaboration Rubric


Projected Timeline

Week 1: Motivation (Video, KWL, Graphic Organizer, Etc.), Task Cards 1 , Introduce Kidpix Elements
Week 2: Task Cards 2 & 3, Continue practicing with Kidpix
Week 3: Task Cards 4 & 5, Begin Kidpix Slide Show
Week 4: Continue with Kidpix Project, Begin Group Projec
Week 5: Present Projects, Task 6

Possible Extention Activites: Create a digital portfolio by scanning in work, present projects to other classrooms, mail pictures/letters to outside organizations, etc.


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