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Project Based Learning

The Task

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Each group will research one of the questions defined in the Introduction.

Each group will create a presentation designed to pursuade the California State Board of Education of the value of project-based learning as in instructional strategy to empower teachers to engage students in meaningful learning consisted with No Child Left Behind. Your group will be responsible for a three minute (strictly timed) persuasive presentation on their topic for the group.

The presentation should involve multimedia. You may choose any multimedia application available on your computer that someone in your group already knows how to use.

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Goals of Project

1. Participants will learn the elements of Project Based Learning.
2. Participants will become familiar with the Challenge 2000 web site.
3. Participants will participate in online research.
4. Participants will complete a short project.

Objectives of Project

1. Each Project Team will research one key question and demonstrate understanding of that
element of Project Based Learning by creating a presentation of the information learned for
the entire group.

2. Each Project Team will demonstrate that they are proficient in conducting online research by locating the appropriate information to support their project on the Challenge 2000 web site.

3. Each Project Team will complete a short multimedia (multiple media) project to present their information to the entire group.

4. The group will demonstrate that they understand the concept of Project Based Learning by their completing of a project plan during the duration of the Institute.