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Project-based Learning
The Process

Meet with your group and determine each person's role. You will have two and a half hours to finish your research and be ready to present your topic to the entire class. Your group will need:

A multimedia expert who will create your multimedia presentationA researcher who will be responsible for exploring the resources and selecting and organizating the information you will need for your presentationA presenter who will use your PowerPoint slide show to tell us what you have learned.

A graphic design expert who will storyboard and design the graphic layout of your presentation.

Any other role your group decides to be necessary to compete this projectYou must determine how to divide these roles.

Each person may take on a separate role or you may overlap and share the roles. PreproductionBegin by brainstorming with your group.

Meet with your team and decide what format your project will be in. Brainstorm your ideas first. Brainstorming is non-critical. All ideas are initially accepted. After everyone has suggested his or her ideas, narrow the field by having each person select his two top choices. See w
hich product is selected by the most people. If necessary, repeat this narrowing process one more time with the two top choices until you have only one agreed upon choice. Check for consensus before moving on.

Choose a multimedia presentation tool from available sources.
Next plan your project. Then do the research. ProductionAfter your group has determined the important information that needs to be presented, begin to create your multimedia presentation. Keep in simple.

Choose your graphics well so that they support your critical points.

Post-production: Determine who will give the presentation to the class. Give a no more than THREE minute presentation for the class to convince us that project-based learning is a robust, viable, and critical education philosophy. Click on your group for specific instructions and resources.

Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 5 | Group 6
Group 1
Your job is to inform us about what project-based learning really is. You will define project based learning. What is the research base for for project-based learning? How do we know it works? The following sites will help you with your research:

Group 2: Your job is to explain what is the role of assessment in project-based learning. How do we assess student learning in project-based learning? How do we know project-based learning can improve-student learning? The following sites will help you with your research:

Group 3
Your job is to tell us about the components of a well planned project? The following sites will help you with your research:

Group 4
Your job is to define the steps involved in planning and executing a good project?The following sites will help you with your research:

Group 5: Convince us that project-based learning is consisent with No Child Left Behind?The following sites will help you with your research:

Group 6
Given that schools are required to demonstrate improved student learning through standardized test scores, and teachers are being directed to teach using scripted materials designed to increase these test scores why would any teacher want to use project-based learning in his/her classroom?

 The following sites will help you with your research:
Group 7 When and how should/can multimedia be used to enhance instruction in a way that is more effective that not using multimedia media. Specifically what are the components or elements of multimedia that make a multimedia project highly effective. Elaborate on each and tell how each supports learning in a multimedia project. The following sites will help you with your research: