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Project-based Learning


This is a project about project-based learning. This project is designed to teach educators what project-based learning is and how they can use it in their schools to improve student learning.


It is a dark time for education. The renaissance is over and the educational system has plunged into a dark abyss called accountability! Although it is generally agreed that standards and accountability are not necessarily bad, some educators believe the way the the politicians are going about reforming education is not in the best interest of the students.

The State Board of Education has determined that Project Based Learning is inconsistant with the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. They have said they will not fund any grant that mentions PBL or the contructivist educational philosophy. The State Board does not trust teachers to create curriculum. They expect all teachers to follow a scripted curriculum developed by text book publishers who have convinced these well-meaning individuals that student test scores will increase in proportion to their profits.

Your district administration has mandated that all teachers must teach using mandated texts and their teacher guides.

Your job is explain to the State Board of Education and your district's administration what Project-based Learning really is by answering the following questions:

1) What is project-based learning?

2) What is the role of assessment in project-based learning?

3) What are the components of a well planned project?

4) What are the steps to plan a good project?

5) How does project-based learning support No Child Left Behind?

6) Why would any teacher want to use project-based learning in his/her classroom?