Course Introduction: LINC Multimedia for Teachers:Creating Animations with Morphink


"animation is not the art of drawings-that-move, but rather the art of movements-that-are-drawn. What happens between each frame is more important than what happens on each frame."

—Norman McLaren

Course Description

MorphInk is a 2D vector based animation program that is very easy to learn. It is a great tool for educators to visually reinforce what they are already teaching in the classroom.

You will complete a series of animated projects that will introduce you to the program. The assignments will start simple, and become increasingly more complex, allowing you to learn the program slowly as the class progresses. We will discuss some fundamental principles of animation, and how they relate to each project.


* Learn how to use Morphink 2.0 software

* Complete a group of exciting animated projects

* Each project should be considered merely a starting point for you to expand upon

* Explore basic principles of animation and movement


Bill Oliver has a B.A. in Design from UCLA, and possess over ten years experience developing educational products and teaching visual arts. He is currently teaching k-6 in the Oak Grove School District.


Morphink 2.0 (Windows only)

You can purchase the program or download a free trial version at:

Online User Guide and Tutorials at: