Farm and Wilderness


The first trip to Hidden Villa is always extremely exciting. For many students, this will be their first time out-of-doors, on a farm, or hiking in a protected forest. The Farm and Wilderness Program is a wonderful introduction to Hidden Villa and gives students hands-on experiences with farm animals, gardening and exploring natural habitats.

For the Year Long Collaboration Project, the focus of this first field trip is on ways people use natural resources. During their time on the trail, students will investigate ways that the Native Americans use native plants and other resources in their habitat. On the farm, students will appreciate how agriculture and animal breeding may have been used in the California Missions or Colonial Settlements.

To assure that all of your students- regardless of background experience- are able to enjoy their time at Hidden Villa, make sure that you prepare them well. Although it is easy to use the Farm and Wildernes Program as an introduction to many topics, students will have a deeper experience if they are already familiar with a few environmental concepts. There are several suggested preparation units you may want to adapt for your class. Also, to help students feel comfortable about going to a wilderness area you may want to guide them through the student Get Ready! site.


Introducing key content before the fieldtrip will help maximize your students' experience at Hidden Villa. Here are some units you might consider: Nutrition-NoGarbage Lunch and Regions of California and the U.S.A.

Ther are many possible acitivities the Hidden Villa guides may provide for your students. Here are a very examples of Fieldtrip Activities and tips for Teacher Participation.
Using the personal experience and knowledge gained from the fieldtrip is a great way to engage students in learning standards curriculum!-- Informational Essays |Trade Simulation Personal Narratives Other Ideas