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Check Out a Laptop

Mac Laptop Instructions

Logging into the Internet

Thank you for putting your laptop and peripherals away when you are finished using them. Please help the Center's staff by following these clean up instructions.

1. Put laptop and power suppy in cabiniet.

.....a. Make sure the cubby, laptop and power supply all have the same number.

Computer return to cubby

Mac number consistency
PC number consistency

2. Make sure the powercord is plugged in.

.....a. Make sure cord goes out through the holes in the back of the cabinet.

No wires on front of cabinet
Mac wires come out back
PC wires come out back

3. Plug the power supply into the power strip.

Plugging in laptops

4. Return wireless card (PC only).

Returning wireless card

5. Return mouse and headset.

Returning mice

6. Complete the sign out sheet by logging in return.

Signing laptops in