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This tutorial is designed to make switching from a paper grade book to an Excel gradebook easy.

Each department lab will be available on Tuesdays during your departmental office hours time so that as a department you can discuss how you will implement the new electronic grading system, and do the tutorial together as a department.

The computers in the school library will be available study hall.

The computer on your desk also has this tutorial and the Gradebook template installed.

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Your responsibility is to learn how to use the Excel grade book template that has been adopted by the school. You may work at your own speed through this tutorial, but you must be prepared to use the Excel template to keep your second semester grade book. The tutorial should take about two hours to complete, but it will remain online so you can return to it at any time you feel you need help.

We know that for some of you this will be a challenge, but if we maintain a positive attitude and support each other together we can improve the school's student record keeping and support improve student learning outcomes.

Teachers who have switched to electronic grade book have discovered how much easier they are to keep, and how much easier the end of term averaging of grades can be.

Please feel free to print and save this tutorial.

Thank you for your willingness to make this positive change. Click on Lesson 1 in the menu bar to begin the tutorial.

Your Principal