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1. Look at this sample grade book. Notice that the grades are averaged in the Final Grade column.

sample image


2. Now look at the final grade column.

a. You will notice that the bottom cells all have #DIV/0! in them. This means that the cell is already set up to compute the average as you type the scores. You will notice that Serious Students grade is automatically averaged here as you type in the grades.

final grade image

3. Continue to type in grades for Serious Student. Assume that Serious Student's second grade is 85 and his third grade is 95.

a. Type 85 in cell or box D6 and 95 in cell or box E6.

b. Notice that Serious Student's average changes as you type in each new grade or score. This allows you to have a constant progress report for all students with out any extra effort on your part.

type grades image


4. Continue to add grades for Serious Student. Assume that Serious Student has earned the following grades:

95% on for Grade 3
100% for Grade 4
95% for Grade 5

5. Notice that the average in the final grade column changes as you enter the grades.

type grades all image

6. That's all there is to it. Try making up a new student and creating imaginary grades for that student in Row 7.

7. Your gradebook will look like this one: Click here to see the sample gradebook.

7. Congratulations you now know how to use an electronic grade book. That's all there is to it. You are now ready to learn how to set up your own grade book . Proceed to Lesson 2.