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1. Look at the Grade 1 column.

a. Notice that grades have been entered in this column for Sally Perfect, Morton Average and Sad Sack.

b. Each grade has been listed next to the appropriate student's name exactly the same way you would enter grades in a paper gradebook.


grade column image

2. Look at the Serious Student row.

a. Notice that the cell or box in the Grade 1 column for Serious Student is empty or blank. This is where you will type Serious Student's score for Grade 1.

enter grade 1 image

3. Let's assume that Serious Student got a grade of 90% on the first assignment or test. Type 90 in the empty cell or box for Grade 1 next to Serious Student's name for Serious Student's first grade.

a. Notice that the score is entered on the left side of the box, but all the other scores are on the right side of the boxes.


enter grade 2 image

4. Now notice three more things.

a. The 90 moves to the right when you click off of that box or cell.

b. If you look at the top of the grade book you'll se that C6 is listed on the top left. Look at the cell or box where you entered 90 and notice that it is in column C, row 6.

c. You will see 90 written next to the equals (=) sign at the top of the grade book. Everything you type into a cell goes in this box as well.

3. Proceed to Step 6 to see how the automatic grade averaging works.