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Birdville High School has chosen to require all teacher to maintain Excel gradebook to streamline student information record keeping.

Beginning Winter semester all student grades will be mailed home by the school secretary. A permanent grade record will be maintained in the office so that transcripts for employment and college applications can easily be requested and be sent out in a timely manner.

When this new system is in place student grades can be compared with standardized test scores so that as a school we can improve curriculum and instruction.

It should take each of you approximately two hours to learn to use the Excel gradebook. Each of the five lessons should take about 30 minutes to complete. The four lessons are:

Lesson 1:

Getting started
Entering Student Information
Entering Grades
Averaging Grades

Lesson 2:

Weighting Grades
Using formulas and functions
Graphing your grades to see class profile

Lesson 3:

Setting Up Your Grade Book
Adding/Deleting Columns and Rows
Applying weights to new grade columns

Lesson 4: Exporting your grade book to the server
How the new Excel gradebooks will be used to improve instruction

You may use the computers in your classrooms, the library computers and your departmental computer lab computers. It is suggested that you use your study hall time, Tuesday's departmental planning time and before and after school to take this tutorial.

Because this is a new, innovative change in the way we have maintained grades at Birdville please know that your administration will provide the support necessary to assure your success.

Please proceed to the Task.