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Imagine the end of the grading period and you are NOT up all night averaging grades by hand. Imagine a grade book that is easy to keep, and that does the averaging of grades automatically. This grade book will keep a running average so that any time during the grading period you can give both students and parents feedback about how each student is doing in your class.

Birdville High School will be implementing a new student database within the next semester. This database is compatible with Microsoft Office products. All Birdville Teachers will be asked to keep an electronic gradebook in Microsoft Excel.

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"Not me," you say. "I don't do computers. The paper grade book as served me well for years. I can't, I won't change." You are not alone. Millions of teachers have been dragged into the electronic age kicking and screaming.

This tutorial is on the school web site so you can revisit all you want and need to in order to feel comfortable with our new electronic grade book. Next semester ALL Birdville High School teachers will be required to keep your gradebooks in Excel so that data can be imported into our new student database. We will learn this together, and we will all support each other as we learn.

To keep this process simple, the school secretary will match student names with their social security numbers. This will assure the security of the system and students' privacy.

Change is not easy, but once this change has been implemented we will evaluate its success, and make any necessary adjustments.

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