Planning a Global Project




Project Name

Project Partners


Real World Connection

Enduring Understandings

Standards and Associated Goals

Measurable Objectives

Assessment Strategies


Student Decision Making

Activities, Timelines and Milestones

Technology Integration



Showcasing Project

Rationale For This Project

Reflect upon why you want to do this global project with your students. What is significant and important about this project?

Below are some advantages for global project based learning discussed by Standley and Hutchings in their book: GLOBAL PROJECT BASED LEARNING (op. cit.) list the following advantages on page 4. Conider if any of these advantages could be modified as part of your rationale for this project.

Connecting Classrooms Around the World
  • Shows how language differences can be a teaching tool 

  • Allows students to think and act outside their country's educational parameters 

  • Provides a practical way to teach the value of diversity in schools 

  • Gives teachers a tool for diverse students within a school to work together
  • Provides a model for involving parents and community members from minority language groups into school projects 

  • Allows emotional, intellectual, and personal growth through direct experience with other cultures 

  • Provides students a chance to learn different problem-solving strategies 

  • Prepares students for global literacy 

  • Presents the challenge to make Web-based technology work internationally
  • Puts students in charge of their own understanding of global perspectives
  • Gives students the ability to act on the desire for global peace or international relationships 

  • Builds bridges between diverse language or culture groups within a community 

Open your Project Planning Template and enter your rationale for your project. View the online template here.