Planning a Global Project




Project Name

Project Partners


Real World Connection

Enduring Understandings

Standards and Associated Goals

Measurable Objectives

Assessment Strategies


Student Decision Making


Activities, Timelines and Milestones

Technology Integration



Showcasing Project

Directions for dowloading and working on project plan in Netscape Composer:

1. Open Netscape Composer (or any web editor) and open this page in the web editing software.

  • Picture at left shows how to open templete location in Netscape Composer



Open Page in Composer

2. The template will look like this ----->

  • Leave the yellow tags if they appear.
  • You can type your project plan in the spaces. The space will adjust to the length of your text.
  • Your plan will be saved as an html file that can be published on the Web and shared with teachers around the world.
  • You can print the plan if you would like a hard copy.



Plan Template in Composer

3. Save your project plan by going to File>Save As --->

4. Create a folder called gpblplan.

5. Name your file index.html

Nameing Save Screen

5. Remember to save your file often.

6. If you choose to add graphics to you plan save those images in your gpblplan folder.

Save As Menu