Planning a Global Project




Project Name

Project Partners


Real World Connection

Enduring Understandings

Standards and Associated Goals

Measurable Objectives

Assessment Strategies


Student Decision Making


Activities, Timelines and Milestones

Technology Integration



Showcasing Project

Project Planning Template
This Project Planning Template is modified from Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project and the the ASTL (Art Science and Technology for Learning) Planning Models

Additional resources for planning a project (based on Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project are avaliable on a Project Based  learning CD from WestEd. 

Use this template as you complete each section of your global project plan.

Connecting Classrooms Around the World

Click on the Directions link in the menu to learn how to download the Template and complete your plan in Netscape Composer (a free web editor). You may use any Web editing software you choose, however, depending on what software you have available to you and your Web page design skill level.

Click on the Template link in the menu on the left to view and download the template. Cleck on the elements in the Planning Template to learn how to complete each section of the template.

This is a suggested framework for your plan. If you have already found a project partner or joined a project, be sure to include information about your partner and your partner's school or about the project you've joined. 

Please post your project plan on the Internet when it is complete so that you and your partner can share it. You can find free Web spaces at:

Angelfire - Your own site. For free. It's a great way to start out if you don't mind having an ad on your pages.

CampusGrid - Campus Grid provides low cost, easy to use, web hosting for districts, schools and classrooms.

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InfoTeam - InfoTeam is proud to support nonprofit organizations by providing free and discounted web hosting. - Free Web Hosting for Kids, sponsored by Scholastic.
Tripod - Just starting out and don't mind ads on your page? Try Free, then move up to Plus!

Yahoo! GeoCities - Get a free GeoCities web site

Your project plan can also be used for grants and awards.