Flat Stanley goes to Dhaka, Bangladesh
The Trip
1st Wedding
Dhaka Streets
New Market
2nd Wedding
Cattle Market

Korbani Eid (id-ul-Azha)and the Cattle Market

Each year many Muslims go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for a religious pilgrimage called a Hajj. At this time, all Muslims celebrate the holiday of Korbani Eid. It is in rememberence of the prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrafice his son Isaac. Before Eid day, people go to the cattle market in Dhaka and purchase a cow or a goat to slaughter on Eid day. When the animals are slaughtered the meat is given to the poor. Families get together of an Eid dinner. These are pictures of the cattle market and of the bull and the goat our family purchased for Eid.