Flat Stanley goes to Dhaka, Bangladesh
The Trip
1st Wedding
Dhaka Streets
New Market
2nd Wedding
Cattle Market

On December 27, 2005 Flat Stanley flew from San Francisco via Singapore Airline to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The trip took two days. He spent one of those two days visiting Singapore. He returned home from Dhaka on January 11, 2006. Flat Stanley traveled with Linda Ullah and her family.

While in Dhaka he attended two weddings, several parties, and a Milad. He went shopping and even went to the cattle market to purchase a bull for Korbani Eid.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh became a nation in 1972. From 1947-1972 Bangladesh was East Pakistan. Before 1947 Bangladesh was the State of East Bengal in India. Most people in Bangladesh are Muslim.

Bangladesh is the home of the royal Bengal tiger.

Bangladeshi money is called the taka. About 65 taka equal 1 dollar.

Bangladesh is a river delta. It has seven main rivers: Brahmaputra, Jamuna, Kushiara, Madhumati, Padma,and Surma. The main crops grown in Bangladesh are jute, potatoes rice, tobacco, tea, sugarcane, vegetables, and lentals. Fruit is also abundant in Bangladesh. The main fruits grown in Bahgladesh are bananas, mangoes, , pineapples, jack-fruit, leechis,watermelons, green coconuts, and guavas.

Bangladesh is a poor country. It is slightly smaller in size that the U.S. state of Iowa. It's population is 144,319,628 people. That is approximately half of the U.S. population. Consequently, Bangladesh is extremely over-populated. About 35% adults are litereate because poor families cannot afford to let their children go to school. Many children have to work. Primary schools are free, but only about 80% of the children attend them. About 25% of of the children who go to primary school finish at least five years of education.

Bangladesh is a beautiful country full of wonderfully friendly people.

Below is the map of our route from California to Dhaka: