Integrating Technology with Standards Based Curriculum
Exemplary Clearly relates course resources and assignments to other  related literature, Web sites, experiences, or resources.

Clearly relates understanding of course content to teaching practice.

Makes use of the Internet and/or at least one appropriate software application. 

Is appropriate for the grade level. 

Is clearly student centered with clear learner goals and objectives and assessement strategies. 

Is clearly based on CA Content  and Technology Standards. 

Satisfactory Exhibits reflective thinking about course materials and activities in Dialog Chamber postings.

Ties what is being studied in the course to classroom practice. 

Integrates a technology component into an otherwise non technology related project. 

Seems to be standards based, but the exact standards are not clear. 

Has learning outcomes for students, but the goals, objectives and assessment strategies are not clear. 

Unsatisfactory Rarely posts to discussions in the dialog or posts do not seem to relate to the topic.

Postings to the dialog chamber do not show relationship of course material to teaching practice.

Is incomplete or not done. 

Does not make use of  technology. 

Is not based on the CA Content Standards based curriculum. 

Does not have clear learner outcomes. 

Does not include assessment strategies. 


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