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Handheld Learning


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EduPalm:Handhelds in Education

EduPalm main page


Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education

HICE Handhelds Homepage


PalmOne Handheld Computers in Education

palmOne Workshops and Training


Eleectonic School: Getting a Handle on Handhelds

Electronic School: Getting a Handle on Handhelds


K12 Handhelds: 101 Great Educational Uses for Handhelds

K12 Handhelds - 101 Great Educational uses


Kathy Schrock: Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Kathy Schrock's Home Page -- Power in the Pal...


Education World: Handhelds in the Classroom

Education WorldŽ : Technology in the Classroo...


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Handheld Software for Education


Concord.org Palm Software in Education

Handheld Educational Software: Welcome


Handheld Devices in the Classroom

Hand-Held Devices in the Classroom


Palm Education Pioneer Grants Idea Bank

PEP - Palm Education Pioneer grants


Handhelds in Education




The Best Use or Just a Fad

1-to-1 computing, handheld computers, laptops...


Education in the Palm of Your Hands

Education and Handheld computers


Survey of Uses for Handhelds in Education

Survey of Uses for Handheld Computers in Educ...


A Hotlist on Handheld Computer

A Hotlist on Handheld Computers


Palm in Education Quickguides

Palm - Education Quick Guides


Web Resources for Handhelds

Sync* and Swim with A Handheld Computer in Ph...


HandHelds in K-12 Environment Blog

Handhelds in the K-12 Environment


Abstract on Handhelds in Education

Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies a...


Education and Technology: The Future Handhelds Learning

Technology News: Cutting Edge: Education and ...