Hiding behind the fallen tree branches a black robed lady guards the Santa Teresa Spring on the Joaquin Bernal Rancho in South San Jose. For those who have seen her, her legend symbolizes the special sense of place the spring represents. The Legend of the Black Robed Lady was told to Joaquin Bernal by the Ohlone who lived on his rancho.

Joaquin Bernal was a Catholic who believed the Black Robed Lady to be Saint Teresa. He named his rancho after the Black Robed Lady--Rancho Santa Teresa. In 1937 a statue of Saint Teresa was placed next to the spring. It is said that the king and queen of Sweden visited the spring and its stature. The statue is no longer there, but the shelf it stood on remains.

Near the spring a French saddlemaker named Chingara supposedly burried $10,000. Although people have hunted for his treasure, it has never been found.

Just below the Santa Teresa Spring is a pond. It is called Dottie's Pond by the neighborhood residents. The people who live near Dottie's pond all know the Legend of Dottie's Pond.

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