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    In this unit students will research the Native American cultures and the impact that exploration and colonization had on them. 

Cross Curricular Integration

Student Activity #1:  Power Point Lesson

  • Assess students'  prior knowledge and  teach Power Point program.
  • First determine the prior  knowledge of technology.  You can use any of these links:
            Student Technology Survey, or KWL chart.

  • Give students time (a day or two) to explore the computer before introducing Power Point.
  • If students are already familair with Power Point, class lessons on Power Point will not be necessary. Here  are two tutorials.

                Teacher:  http://www.mum.edu/helpdesk/tutorials/powerpoint-tut.html

                Students:  http://www.electricteacher.com/tutorial3.htm

  • Have students prepare Power Point presentation about themselves.  These can be viewed for parents at Back to School Night, parent conferences, or any other forum.

Student Activity #2: Research Native American Culture  

  • Divide class into groups.  The size of the groups will be based on the number of students in the class, and the number of tribes to research. Each group will research different aspects of Native American life each student  responsible for only one or two.
                Location of Village                    Homes
                Clothing                                      Tools, Utensils
                Roles in the Family                    Food
                Traditions/Culture                      Legends
  • Fill in storyboard  to plan Power Point program. Teacher approves storyboard before students begin working on the computer.   See example.

Student Activity #3:  Research Impact of Exploration and Colonization
  • Repeat steps from Student Activity #2 on the impact of European exploration and colonization on their tribe.

Student Activity #4:  Create Power Point Project Compare and Contrast

  • Students develop the storyboards using their research to create a Power Point project comparing and contrasting the lives of Native Americans before and after exploration and colonization.
  • Peer review of projects using rubrics.

  • Class presentation of project.

Student Activity #5: Class Book

  • Students will contribute to a class book.  
  • Give students a choice of response to what they have learned.  The choices can include as many as you wish:
                Write a diary as if they were a member of a Native American tribe. Write about their life before and after.
                Video diary of their life as a Native American
                Write, perform, and video a song illustrating  their response to
                Multimedia interview of a Native Amercan.  
                Create a news report about meeting a Native American from the past who has just  been found.               
                Create a poem to respond

                Create a legend explaining what has happened.

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