Customized Technology Staff Development:
Teaching Teachers to Use Technology through Student Projects
Collaboration between Foothill College Center for Innovation and the San Francisco 49ers Academy, Ravenswood School District, East Palo
Linda K. Taber Ullah, M.Ed 
Teacher in Residence 
Foothill College Center for Innovation, Los Altos Hills, CA
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Week 5

Is my Project Good?

Step 1

  1. You will be given a check list. Meet with your project team, and use this checklist to review your project.
  2. What do you all think is really good about your project?
  3. Look at the graphic design of your project.
  4. What do you need to do to make in more interesting?
  5. Look at your content.
  6. Do you have enough information?
  7. Create a plan to add information and graphics to your project.

Step 2

  1. Show your project to another group.
  2. Ask them what they like about your project
  3. Ask them to suggest ways to make your project more exciting
  4. Ask them what information they need to know that is not yet in your project.

Step 3

  1. Meet with your project team and decide who will do which jobs to improve your projects. Select one person to:
    • Find more information
    • Find pictures
    • Continue to construct the PowerPoint
    • Create the Web Page in MS Word

Let's add some "fun stuff" to your project.

Your instructor will show you how to add sound, animations and pictures to your project.