Customized Technology Staff Development:
Teaching Teachers to Use Technology through Student Projects
Collaboration between Foothill College Center for Innovation and the San Francisco 49ers Academy, Ravenswood School District, East Palo
Linda K. Taber Ullah, M.Ed 
Teacher in Residence 
Foothill College Center for Innovation, Los Altos Hills, CA
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Week 1

You are now a college student! For the next six weeks you are taking a computer class from Foothill College. College is a fun place to learn. In college, students do research on a variety of topics. Often this research involves things they are very interested in.

Imagine being able to to a project on anything that interests you! Think about the things you enjoy. What would you like to learn more about that you will share with the world!

Your project will like making your own "movie" on your interest. It will be shared with a world-wide audience on the Internet. Yes, a world-wide audience! That is an awesome opportunity and an awesome responsibility.

You will work in very much the same way that professional movie producers work. You will work in project teams with others who share your interest. Together you will research the topic using the Internet, and will use several computer software programs to create your "movie" and Web page.

So, let's get started!


You and your project team will create:

  • a multimedia presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that will be published on the Internet.
  • a Web page to introduce your PowerPoint presentation

Each presentation will include:

  • a title page
  • an introduction of the topic
  • history of the topic
  • important people
  • geographical informtion about the topic
  • data and statistics about the topic
  • a "how to" page
  • any information you want to explore and include
  • a conclusion
  • a bibliography

In addition each presentation must have the following multimedia elements:

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Sound or animation

Your Web page will will include:

  • your topic
  • at least one graphic of your topic
  • your school's name
  • a brief description of the class
  • a link to your PowerPoint presentation

Project Teams

In order to make your "movies" you will need to get organized. First you will need to form a project team.

1. On a piece of paper list from 3 to 5 things you are most interested in.

2. Share these five things with the class.

3. Your teacher will make a list of the things each of you are interested in.

4. Look for topics that 3 or 4 of you enjoy.

5. Your teacher will group the topics and help you form project teams.

Let's look at some student created projects:

The Black Plague -- 7th Grade Social Studies Students

Real World Geometry -- 7th Grade Math Students

Water Polution Project -- 3rd through 6th Grade Students

Mars Virtual Olympics -- 3rd through 6th Grade Students

  • Which project did you like best?
  • What did you like about this project?

Using the Internet

What is the Internet?

Open Internet Explore from the e on your desktop

Internet Explore is a Browser. Another Browser is Netscape Navigator.

Look at the icon (picture) menu bar:

  • What do you think each icon (picture) does?

Look at the Location Bar:

  • This is the Web address.
  • Another name for a Web address or location is a URL
  • You must type the address correctly.
  • It locates files on the server.

Search Engines for Kids.


Ask Jeeves for Kids


Yes, it is true. Homework.

Please work with your project team and fill out this form. Return the form to your instructor next week.

Take the parent letter and Foothill College LINC Registration Form home. Fill it out with your parents and bring it back next week.