Customized Technology Staff Development:
Teaching Teachers to Use Technology through Student Projects
Collaboration between Foothill College Center for Innovation and the San Francisco 49ers Academy, Ravenswood School District, East Palo
Linda K. Taber Ullah, M.Ed 
Teacher in Residence 
Foothill College Center for Innovation, Los Altos Hills, CA
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Integrating Technology into a Standards Based Curriculum

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San Francisco 49er Academy
Foothill College Center for Innovation
LINC Class Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Instructor: Linda Ullah

Groups of teachers and students will participate in a series of six-week Foothill College LINC (Learning in New Media Classrooms) courses.

  • Classes will meet during the school’s after school program in the PC lab at the San Francisco 49er Academy on Thursday afternoons from 3:00- 5:00 p.m.
  • iStudents will be expected to come to the class prepared
  • Some research will need to take place outside of this class during the school day and on students’ own time.
  • Class time will be used for project creation.
  • Teachers and sixth through eighth grade students will each earn one unit of credit for each class taken
  • Teachers can use their units to move up on the district’s salary schedule
  • Sixth through eighth grade students will be able to use these units on their college applications when they apply to college after high school graduation
    iv. The school’s principal and teachers will determine which students and teachers will participate in each class.
  • A combination of 18 students and teachers will participate in each course
  • Linda Ullah will teach the first six-week course. During the first six weeks she will continually assess the success of the course and will adjust and improve the course. She will then train another LINC instructor during the second six week course to teach the rest of the six week courses at the 49er Academy
  • Each course will be 12 hours in length and carry one quarter unit of credit.
  • Students and their teachers will learn to use the applications on the PCs in the school’s PC lab in the context of creating a curriculum based, real-world project.

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