Customized Technology Staff Development:
Teaching Teachers to Use Technology through Student Projects
Collaboration between Foothill College Center for Innovation and the San Francisco 49ers Academy, Ravenswood School District, East Palo
Linda K. Taber Ullah, M.Ed 
Teacher in Residence 
Foothill College Center for Innovation, Los Altos Hills, CA
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Parent Letter

Dear 49er Academy Parent,

Attached you will find a Foothill College Center for Innovation Application form for your child. Your child is participating our six-week technology after school program at the San Francisco 49er Academy on Thursday afternoons from 3:00-5:00. Your child is learning to use the computer to create a project that can be posted on the Internet. Your child will earn one unit of Foothill College credit by participating in this program. This is an exciting opportunity for your child to learn to use the computer to help with his/her school work.

Please fill out the attached Foothill College Application form and return it to Mr. Duncan at the 49er Academy before Thursday, Nov. 29. It is important that we have your child’s social security number. This is his/her Foothill College Student ID #. We also need to have his her address and citizenship information. Please have your child sign the form, AND please also sign the form as his/her parent/guardian.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. My phone number is 650-949-7681.

Thank you,

Linda Ullah, Teacher in Residence
Foothill College Center for Innovation